Japanese calligraphy art fashion by Takahiko Ishii

Real photo

This is a picture of the actual product.

The product image in the online shop are pictures

that combines the data in the personal computer.

  • About the calligraphy

    All works in this online store are original

    by calligrapher Takahiko Ishii.

    Takahiko Ishii feels it.

    His internal organs feel it.

    His heart feels it.

    It's human.

    Human vitality, soul, mind, spirit, ...

    They exist all over the world.

    When he catches them, words appear.

    This accepts unconscious demands.

    This is love.

    He continues to express love,

    aiming for world where no one is hurt.

  • About design order

    To request a design, please send a message from Facebook below.

    ① I will translate the characters you want into Japanese.
    ② I will reply you with some images.
    ③ You can choose the one you like.

    Front or back, center or right or left,

    top or bottom,font size large or small?
    * The color of the T-shirt is only white.
    * The color of the characters is black only.

    Normal (5,000 JPY) + special design (5,000 JPY) = 10,000JPY

    【Production period】
    Consultation required
    We are waiting for your message.

  • About collaboration

    To request a collaboration, please send a message from Facebook below.


    For example, with my calligraphy work

    Your brand

    Your company

    Your store

    Your school

    Your item

    Your sign

    Your costume

    Your label

    Your uniform

    Your event

    Your object

    Your tatoo


    We can send you the image data.

    Collaboration terms are negotiable.

    We are waiting for your message.